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Social Camp

Camping is adventuring and a lot of fun. Many people go camping for family activity and also just to get way from home. While camping you can enjoy nature and you can also bond with your family. You get to see new sites that you’ve never seen before. You get to encounter animals you’ve never seen before. This can be for the good or the bad! When you go camping you usually sleep in a tent or a cabin. There are many activities that come along with camping like hiking, climbing, swimming and fishing.

You can to this in your back yard or you can go to campgrounds. It’s all up to you and your family. Knowing how to be a camper can teach you the basics of self survival and self-discipline. It teaches you how to survive without your ordinary house equipment. It also teaches you team work. some negative factors about camping are the insects and pests. But there’s always a solution for every problem. If you know how to do this you know how to survive in the wilderness.

There are many different types of camping. Some different types of camping consist of specialized and mobile camping. Specialized camping consist of using your survivalist skills. This means that you have to know how to survive in the wild in any outdoor situation. Mobile camping is camping within your mobile vehicle. The most popular type of camping is social camping because you get to bond and meet other campers.